Lumholtz is a Keltish noble and the husband of the Duchess Cathryn Lumholtz, earning him the title of Duke.

Blood of the Fold Edit

He attends a meeting, alongside his wife, called by Richard Rahl where Richard announces the dissolution of the Midlands. After the meeting, Lunetta Brogan casts a spell on him and the Duchess, that makes them go around a midden heap endlessly.

Lunetta and Brogan plus Brogan's right hand man, Galtero, go to the midden heap in town where Lunetta previously casts the circle spell. Once atop the midden heap they wait in the blistering cold and heavy snow fall till the Duchess and Duke come around. The Duke and Duchess soon pass by and exchange a rude greeting to the three waiting for them. Brogan and his party wait for them to pass by a couple more times, because Brogan enjoys the look of consternation in their eyes when each time passes by. The second time around, Galtero stares at the lace at the duchess's bosom rise and fall in ire, which causes the duke to threaten Galtero.

The Duchess and Duke get angry at this stalking. This leads to the Duchess stomping in front of Brogan, and insulting him. Brogan, enraged, grabs the white lace at her bosom, and rips her dress down to her waist, making her topless. The Duke attempts to unsheath his sword, but is frozen still midway by Lunetta's magic. Only his eyes move to see Galtero overpowering his wife, making her as helpless as he is. Galtero twists the woman's arms behind her back. Her nipples become stiff in the cold wind. Duchess Lumholtz offers to denounce the Duke to save herself, but Brogan tells her he is not interested in false confessions. He observes helplessly as Brogan slices off his wife's left nipple, and Lunetta uses it to make Duchess Lumholtz Brogan's obedient slave. He watches with eyes bulging out as Lunetta cups Duchess Lumholtz's left breast and heals it using magic.

Lunetta and Brogan discuss what to with the Duke. Brogan decides to kill him by disemboweling him to make it seem like he was murdered by a mriswith. Galtero offers to do it, but Brogan decides to reward the soldier for his help. Brogan asks Galtero if he would like to rape the duchess while he sees to the duke, which Galtero readily accepts. Brogan offers to use magic on the woman to compel her to cooperate but Galtero wants to take her by force. He tells him to finish with her quickly, since he needs her to do tasks for him. Brogan then brandishes his knife in front of the helpless Duke's eyes, teasing him about his murder. The Duke watches as his wife struggles with Galtero. Galtero drags the woman into the darkness to do with her as he pleases.

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