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Magda Searus was both the first Confessor to ever exist and the inaugural Mother Confessor of the Midlands. Prior to being magically altered, Lady Searus was the wife of First Wizard Baraccus and was known for using that position to petition the Central Council of the Midlands. She was sometimes referred to as the conscience of the Council, due to her championing of the smaller nations of the Midlands who often went without a voice on the Council.

During the Great War, Baraccus was forced to travel to the Temple of the Winds in the underworld. Shortly after his return, the First Wizard committed suicide, leaving Magda despondent and alone. However, after discovering a final message from her husband hidden at the place of his death, Lady Searus embarked on a quest to uncover the truth of his suicide and of the traitors working in secret to help destroy the New World opposition to the forces of the Old World.

This quest ultimately lead her to the Wizard Merrit, with whom she helped to create the Sword of Truth. During this time, the pair learnt that head prosecutor Lothain was the commander of the traitors in their midst and in a desperate attempt to force him to admit his betrayal, Magda volunteered to become the first Confessor- an order of beings Merrit had envisioned as the embodiment of truth. Though risky, Magda survived the ritual and was reborn as the first Confessor and wasted no time in using her power to uncover Lothain and his allies treachery.

Following Lothain's confession, Magda served as the inaugural Mother Confessor; she was both the leader of the Confessor order and the First Chair of the Council. Wizard Merrit served as her personal protector, and the pair ultimately married. Both Magda and Merrit were revered as legendary for millennia after their deaths, and were immortalized with giant statues in their likeness being built in the Confessor's Palace.


Early life and marriage[]

Magda Searus was born in Aydindril, the capital city of the Midlands, and was not of noble birth. At some stage she met the First Wizard Baraccus and fell in love with him. Though Baraccus was quite a bit older than Magda, the pair were married and shared quite lavish apartments in the Wizard's Keep.

Though some questioned why the First Wizard would marry a commoner, who also happened to be ungifted, Lady Searus came to be known as a person of conscience, who used her high standing as the wife of the First Wizard, to speak before the Central Council of the Midlands on behalf of the smaller nations who rarely had a voice in the council chambers. Magda was known to have learnt the languages of many of the less powerful members of the Midlands.

Great War[]


During the course of the Great War, a team of wizards responsible for sending the Temple of the Winds to the underworld, were charged as traitors by the head prosecutor Lothain. After executing the wizards, Lothain himself attempted to travel through the underworld to the Temple and set right whatever damage the Temple team had done, however, claimed he was unable to penetrate the Temple.

Following Lothain's failure, it fell to Baraccus as the First Wizard to hand pick the wizards he thought capable of entering the Temple and fixing the damage. However, each man failed to return and ultimately, Baraccus himself decided to go to the Temple himself. When Baraccus returned he confided to Magda that the Boxes of Orden were not in the Temple as the team's manifest claimed. She was shortly thereafter instructed by him to take a book to his secret library and hide it there. She used the sliph, having been invested with magic that allowed her to travel by Baraccus, to make her way to the land of the Night Wisps. There she hid the book and made her way back to the Wizard's Keep, where she found her husband had thrown himself off a side of the Keep.

The First Confessor[]

She was then used to become the first Confessor, one of two tools created by wizards following the Great War in the effort to find and establish the truth. Her first confession taken as a Confessor was from Lothain, to learn the truth behind his betrayal of the New World. She would then travel the New World taking confessions under the protection of her new husband, Merrit, and reigned as the first Mother Confessor.