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Magic is neither good nor bad. It's... complicated.

Magic was the force utilized by many people and creatures that allowed them to possess supernatural abilities. There were two spectrums to magic: Additive and Subtractive.

Additive Magic[]

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Additive magic was the magic to create, taking what already exists and adding to it, or changing it.

Subtractive Magic[]

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Subtractive magic was the magic to destroy, taking what already exists, and undoing it.

The Gift and its Various Forms[]

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The gift, or Han, was the force of life given by the Creator that was encased in one's body. Those with the gift could extend their Han outside of their body and use it to accomplish what they desired.


Main article: Confessor

Confessors were created during the ancient Wizard Wars. Confessors appeared to be ordinary women, distinguished by the length of their hair, and their dresses, made of simple black fabric, cut with a square neckline. All Confessors' children were Confessors as well, and so continued the Confessor lineage. A Confessor's power worked by taking the spark of love in someone, no matter how tiny, and building on it, turning it into complete devotion to the Confessor. One touched by a Confessor would do anything she said, including confessing the truth of any crime he may have committed, hence the name "Confessor." The Mother Confessor Kahlan Amnell's power was so absolute, that once, upon hearing a man's gruesome admittance to crimes he had committed against children, he dropped dead simply because she requested it. The Confessor's power was used, not by bringing forth the power, but simply by releasing restraint on that power while touching the intended target. The average Confessor's power took a day or two to recover. The most powerful Confessor, Kahlan Amnell, recovered her power in a few short hours. In males, the Confessor's power took no time to recover, was stronger, and due to the corrupting nature of power, male children born to a Confessor were always killed at birth by the father directed by the mother, whom inadvertently took the father with her power during conception.

Known Confessors

† indicates confirmed dead.

Dream Walker[]

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A weapon created in the war three thousand years ago. One of the reasons the Towers of Perdition were built was to stop the advance of the dream walkers. A dream walker could use the time in between fragments of thought, when there was nothing, to bend reality to his will. This power could be used to enter a person's mind and control them, particularly during sleep. People with the gift were especially vulnerable to dream walkers, but it took a great deal of energy for a dream walker to control the mind of an ungifted person.

Known Dream Walkers

† indicates confirmed dead.


Main article: Prophet

A wizard with the gift of prophecy. Prophets were extremely rare, and they were valuable to those who might use their abilities. Only true prophets could understand the real meaning of many prophecies and decipher them. A prophet might also give a prophecy by having a vision or a premonition of some sort. Prophets were considered by many to be the most dangerous people alive. After Richard changed the world the gift of prophecy disappeared.

Known Prophets

† indicates confirmed dead.


Main article: Slide

A soul stealer. A Slide could reach into a person and remove their soul, then use it to control animals from a great distance. When within other animals, a Slide left his own body for a time and his soul travelled with the souls he used. According to Nathan Rahl, a slide is only vulnerable when he leaves his body. This is perhaps due to the speed with which a slide can take the soul of a potential threat. Slides were also known to be uncontrollable and always desired to take power for themselves.

Known Slides

† indicates confirmed dead.


Main article: Sorcerer

Very much like a wizard, but only in the sense that he could use his gift as well. A sorcerer's gift worked much like a wizard's, but could be described as being the other end of the spectrum. Since they were at different ends of the spectrum, the two forms of the gift would not work on each other. Any spells cast by a wizard would not effect or harm a sorcerer, and vice versa.

Known Sorcerers

† indicates confirmed dead.


Main article: Sorceress

A woman with the ability to control her gift. Abilities of sorceress ranged far and wide, from healing to torture, making things of beauty to even prophecy. But no matter how good they might be in these abilities, the power of their gift can never be greater than that of their male counterpart, a full fledged wizard.

However, though their female han and a quillion they can steal the male.

Known Sorceresses

† indicates confirmed dead.


Main article: Warlock

Term for a male equivalent to a witch.

War Wizard[]

Main article: War wizard

A wizard born with both sides of the gift (Additive and Subtractive) who used their magic on instinct and need. Their rage and need was used to ignite their power. War Wizards were extremely rare, and none had been born for three thousand years until Richard Rahl. War wizards were the ones with the power to tear the veil, and also the ones with the power to defeat the Keeper and return him to the Underworld.

Known War Wizards

† indicates confirmed dead.


Main article: Witch woman

Women with magical powers who could see the flow of time, and foretell how certain events would turn out.

Known Witches

† indicates confirmed dead.


Main article: Wizard

They have the greatest ability to control their gift and use it in the most extreme. Though in the three thousand years since the Great War, there had been no wizards born with both sides of the gift, as was common among the prosperous wizards of old. With this loss of ability, so came a loss in knowledge of how to do many of their miraculous feats. Note also that all Brothers of the Order are wizards, with the exception of Brother Narev, who was a sorcerer.

Known Wizards

† indicates confirmed dead.


The Mriswith were originally wizards on the side of the Old World during the ancient Wizard War. They traded there gifts for the ability to become invisible.

Spells and Abilities[]

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Spells were the different webs that gifted people used to effect their surroundings.

Known Spells and Abilities

Magical Books[]

  • The Book of Counted Shadow(s)
  • Secrets of a War Wizard's Power
  • Book of Life
  • Journey Book

Magical Buildings[]

Places that have special magic

Magical Creatures[]

Magical Objects[]