Margaret was a Sister of the Light and the only person whom Nathan Rahl ever showed prophecy in its true form. Margaret discovered the existence of the Sisters of the Dark and witnessed the ceremony in which Sister Liliana received Subtractive Magic and the male Han. Liliana then murdered her, testing her new found power.

Personality and traitsEdit

Margaret was a loyal Sister of the Light who believed in their cause and The Creator. She was young and attractive, probably not long out of being a novice, according to Nathan. Margaret despised the hurting of others and was determined to bring down the Sisters of the Dark.

Sister Margaret was the lover of Jedidiah. However, this love proved to be a lie, seeing as Jedidiah betrayed her in favor of the Sisters of the Dark and the power they could provide. Despite being fooled by Jedidiah, Margaret appeared to be an intelligent woman, knowing much about prophecy and the ceremony of the Sisters of the Dark.