Marlin Pickard was a wizard sent by Jagang to kill Richard Rahl and Kahlan Amnell in Aydindril.

Biography Edit

Most of his life is unknown to us other than that he most was most likely taught at the Palace of the Prophets until Jagang took him. He is introduced early into the fourth book as a self-proclaimed assassin sent by Jagang to invoke a bound fork prophecy upon Richard. Marlin went to the new world with Amelia, a Sister of the Dark whose job was to enter the Temple of the Winds and take a box that would cause the plague. When Marlin arrived he foolishly asked a guard to see Richard so that he could assassinate him. He was then questioned by Kahlan Amnell and Cara until eventually being thrown into a pit until they could talk to Richard Rahl about what to do with him. Disobeying Richard's command to stay away from him, Cara and Kahlan went back to interrogate him. When they got to Marlin, Jagang was in control of his body and wrote a prophecy on the wall for Richard to read that said that Richard could die after watching all of his people die or die while saving his people. After this Jagang/Marlin attacked Cara and deeply hurt her, escaped the prison hole, killed all the guards, and tried to make a run for the Wizard's Keep but was eventually caught by Kahlan and Nadine Brighton and killed. Cara was then revived by Drefan Rahl.

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