Merritt was a wizard at the time of the Great War. He was a confidant of both Baraccus and Alric Rahl. Also he was friends with Quinn, one of the guardians of the Sliph. Later on he befriended Magda Searus, late Baracuss' wife. He was a maker, and the creator of the most powerful magics in the New World. He created the Confessor magic, the Sword of Truth, gravity spells, and partook in the creation of the bond between Lord Rahl and the people of D'Hara, among others.

The Great War Edit

Merrit was one of the most notable makers in the New World, working in the Wizard's Keep in Aydindril. He sought to create the key to the Power of Orden believing that the power needed to have a way of being kept in check for it had the potential to destroy life itself. He was to an extent aided in the effort by Baraccus, though not much help could have been granted after the Temple of the Winds was moved to the underworld. Despite this, the council of Midlands forced the issue and caused deaths to many wizards who were hurt by unstable magics in play. During the work on the key, he came up with the Confessor magic, as a opposing element to the key.

After Baraccus' suicide he got introduced to Magda Searus, whom he helped uncover treachery within the Keep. Partially this was performed by transforming her into the first Confessor.

Later on, he was appointed the First Wizard of Midlands.

The key to the power of Orden Edit

The Power of Orden was ancient even in times of Merritt. Not much was known about it aside for its potency. In order to be able to keep the Power in check, particularly with the war going on, Merrit strove to craft a key for it. He, as well as the council, knew that the key had to take on the form of a sword. He alone, however, understood the importance of the shape of the key, for the sword was also meant to safeguard the Power from evil.

During his work he crafted a sword with the word 'Truth' engraved in the hilt. This was to be a reminder that the one who sought the Power had to have truth in mind, and abide by it. The constructed magic was such that only the one person who upheld that belief could properly use the sword's power and unlock the Boxes of Orden.

Once the form of the key was finished it was to be invested with the constructed magic needed to act on its purpose. This required a seventh-level breach, the rift calculations for which have been sealed away in the Temple of the Winds. Though Baraccus wanted to help in the process, he couldn't for the calculations were irretrievable. The work on the key was continued however, on the insistence of the council. Several makers who worked in the team had been killed in the explosions caused by the instability of the reaction between Additive and Subtractive magic.

After this Merritt moved out of the Keep, not wanting to be a part of the experiments anymore. Magda Searus found him in Aydindril after the death of Isidore, a spiritist and a friend of Merrit's. At this time she also named his sword, the key, the Sword of Truth. Together they discovered that Baraccus retrieved the calculations needed to make the key work. The key was finished by drawing an inverted Grace in Magda's own blood. This powered the magic within the sword.

Devotion Edit

Alric Rahl had captured a dreamwalker and with the help of Merritt created a counter to the dreamwalker's attack through the creation of a bond

devotion to the Lord Rahl. After testing the "counter spell" and finding that it worked against the dreamwalker, Alric presented the devotion to The High Council at the Wizard's Keep, yet they all believed that Alric was after power and didn't believe him.

Gravity spells Edit

Merritt created the gravity spell during "The First Confessor" the one major noted use of the spell was to draw the un-dead and half dead warriors of Emperor Sulachan during the Great War into a empty wasteland in D'Hara. He then used powerful barrier spells to seal the creatures in for thousands of years along with one of the Boxes of Orden.

Magical abilities Edit

Born before Lothain sealed the Subtractive side of magic within the Temple of the Winds, he had both sides of the gift. His form of it was that of a maker, illustrated by his numerous works of craft. His home in Aydindril was crowded with statues and woodwork.

That also provided him with a peculiar and unique perspective into the works of magic. He didn't perceive things as impossible, but merely as complicated to perform. His creativity was helped by the lack of fear to perform things considered as outrage by many, such as altering the Grace to fit his needs.

He was also a skilled combatant, wielding magic along side his sword to best his enemies.

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