Queens bow down to the Mother Confessor.
―Kahlan Amnell[src]
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"That sure is some dress." -Jennsen

The Mother Confessor was chosen by her fellow Confessors to lead their Order, she was usually the most powerful of all the Confessors.

History Edit

The first Mother Confessor was Magda Searus. Magda was also the first Confessor created by the wizard Merritt.

The last Mother Confessor was Kahlan Amnell. She helped dissolve the Midlands Alliance and (formally, for the Confessors were already nearly extinct) Confessors' rule in favor of joining with the D'Haran Empire. Amnell continued her functions of confession and leadership, effectively remaining the ruler of the Midlands in conjunction with her husband Richard Rahl, Master of D'Hara. She also gained an enormous amount of power over D'Hara through this partnership.

It is possible that the last Mother Confessor was not Kahlan Amnell, as her descendant Jax Amnell appears to be the Mother Confessor an undisclosed number of years after creation of the world without magic.

Powers and functions Edit

Just as the Mother Confessor is the final arbiter of truth through her magic, she is also the final arbiter of power. The word of the Mother Confessor is law.
―Kahlan Amnell[src]
The Mother Confessor held the First Chair of the Central Council of the Midlands as well as the highest rank amongst Confessors. Her word was final; she was in effect the leader of all the Midlands.

The Mother Confessor's duties included overseeing and managing the affairs of the Confessors, representing the Midlands territories without other Chairs before the Council, monitoring the governments of the separate Midlands, and executing justice through confession.

If the Mother Confessor was to venture to a land of the Midlands, it was a momentous occasion. She was received with great respect and ceremony. The Mother Confessor could give orders to a king or queen and expect them to be followed to the letter. She could also remove any ruler she believed corrupt from the throne and would use her touch against any who dare not to comply.

People were expected to wash their lips before kissing the Mother Confessor's hand. Kissing her hem was a sign of gratitude. Bowing and kneeling were obligatory gestures. The Mother Confessor addressed all as "her children."

Unlike the other Confessors, whose hair went only halfway down their backs, the Mother Confessor's hair reached her waistline, showing that she possessed the highest authority in all Midlands. The Mother Confessor also wore a beautiful white dress that made her distinct from her fellows, who wore black.

The only person to whom the Mother Confessor would possibly ever answer to is a true Seeker, with whom she shares ancient ties and a kindred spirit.

Woman of mystery Edit

What little is known from those ancient books is sketchy, however they do say that she had great power, though they never say what those powers were. Some translations hold her in reverence, while others indicate that she was greatly feared. She's a woman of mystery. But she has magic.
―Collecter of the Woman of Mystery from the world without magic[src]

In The Law of Nines, it is revealed that the image of the Mother Confessor is an ancient but little-known icon or symbol in the world without magic 2000 years following the end of the Imperial Order War. The icon is known as the "Woman of Mystery," as her origins and specific identity are unknown, and is characterized by long hair and a flowing white dress with a square neckline. The icon appears in various artifacts and books. The Woman of Mystery is largely feared and yet coveted by collectors of relics of the world with magic.

List of known Mother Confessors Edit

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