Have it your way, Nadine.
―Richard Rahl.[src]
Nadine Brighton was a simple woman from Hartland in Westland who had a crush on Richard Cypher. She had minor training as a healer in herbs. Nadine is replaced with the character of Anna in the television series Legend of the Seeker, who had a more concrete relationship with him before he left Hartland and helped him drive the D'Harans out of their village.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Nadine may have grown up with Richard, but she certainly didn't know him.
―Kahlan Amnell[src]
Nadine grew up with Richard Rahl (then Richard Cypher) in Hartland, Westland. She is the daughter of a healer and her family was good friends with Richard. She always liked Richard, mostly because he was handsome, kind, and well-liked by the other girls.

Nadine was once nearly raped, and was saved by Richard. Richard from then on watched out for her, misleading her into believing that he liked her.

Nadine had sex with Richard's brother Michael in order to (unsuccessfully) make him jealous.

Nadine and Richard danced several times together at Hartland's spring festival.

Plague Edit

Nadine came searching for Richard after he had been missing from Hartland. As she searched, she found herself in Agaden Reach and before the witch woman, Shota. Shota told Nadine that she was to marry Richard and sent her to Aydindril.

When there, Nadine caused Kahlan Amnell, Richard's future true wife, to become very jealous. Originally, Nadine was to leave, but Kahlan asked her to stay in order to uncover the mystery of her appearance which occurred at the same time as Marlin's. Later, as the people of Aydindril became sick with the plague, she stayed to help with contain the sickness and on behalf of Kahlan, who asked her to stay.

Eventually, Nadine got her wish; she married Richard. However, it was only to allow Richard to enter the Temple of the Winds. Thanks to the intervention of Cara, Nadine was paired off with Drefan Rahl and not Richard, who was paired off with Kahlan to consummate their marriage. Drefan was aware of her identity, but tortured her nevertheless, after which he cast her, still alive, down the mountainside.

Personality and traits Edit

Me? A killer? But I'm a woman.
―Nadine demonstrates her traditional ideals[src]
Nadine is quite beautiful, with brown eyes and brown hair that is nearly as long as Kahlan Amnell's, making her stand out in the Midlands. Nadine often dresses in blue, as it is Richard's favorite color.

Nadine is good-hearted, and truly cares for the people she heals. She is very jealous of Kahlan, flirtatious, stubborn, and lashes out easily. She can be smug and immodest.

Nadine seems to have an odd view at love, since she repeatedly tells Kahlan that men can be made to fall in love using physical attraction only. She also tells Kahlan the story of how she slept with Richard's brother in order to make him jealous, which ultimately fails due to Richard's kind nature and complete lack of romantic feelings for her.

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