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Narev was the high priest of the Fellowship of Order as well as the spiritual leader of the Imperial Order.

Personality and traits[]

Narev was a thin and angular old man whose body was always covered by a long, heavy, dark brown robe, like all Brothers of the Fellowship of Order. However, as the high priest of the Order, Narev alone was entitled to wear a creased cap upon his head. From underneath his cap, grey hair creeped out. Narev's face was heavily creased and his hooded eyes were as dark as his robes.


Early life[]

At around 150 BCB, Narev met a young Nicci and helped to instruct her in the ways of the Fellowship of Order as her mother had. Years later, some time after Nicci was taken to live at the Palace of the Prophets as a Novice, Narev started working in the Palace while secretly looking for the secrets of how the Bifurcated web worked and how he could enhance it, or better yet, recreate it.

Many years later, he met a young Jagang and brought him and many others to see the ways of the Order as good and as what the Creator wanted. He then chose Jagang to be the fist of the Imperial Order while he himself was the soul.

Imperial Order War[]

While building The Retreat, Brother Narev met Richard Cypher, a transport worker, at the blacksmith shop of Victor Cascella. After their brief conversation, Narev encountered Richard once again as the young man worked as a sculptor of statues that were to be used in the palace. These sculptures describe the evil nature of men and how filthy they are when compared to the light of The Creator. Narev soon learned of the crimes Richard had committed, and, seeing the man's talent for sculpting, chose him as the one to sculpt the central statue that was to be the first and most moving carving of them all.

Richard followed his order and started working on a statue in a hidden place where no one was to see it until finished. However, on the day when the carving was revealed to the world, Narev was faced with the fact that Richard had not created the sculpture that he was ordered to do, but instead, he had created Life, a beautiful statue of a man and woman displaying great nobility and strength. Because of this crime against the Order, Narev ordered it destroyed before Richard was to be taken to be tortured and then killed. Once Richard did, the people gathered at Altur'Rang's palace revolted and rioted against the Order for destroying the sculpture and the values it stood for, life.

Narev retreated into hiding in the unfinished underground chambers of the palace being built. While there he found Sister Alessandra tending the wounds of Richard, who had been stabbed. Narev killed the Sister with a sword and then continued toward Richard. Narev cast a deadly, magical light toward Richard, but seeing its ineffectiveness, he concluded that Richard was a Wizard. The two then fought physically and after Narev kneed Richard in the wound in his side, Richard passed out, but not without having choked Narev first.

Once Richard recovered, he found Narev's dead body. Richard ordered Narev's head cut off and sent to Aydindril, where Jagang found his mentor's head set on a pike to greet him upon his arrival.

Powers and abilities[]

Gift: Narev was an extremely rare gifted individual known as a Sorcerer, whose gift was comparable to that of a wizard, yet different: a sorcerer's magic is unable to touch a wizard's, and vice versa, and if they met in the street the two would seem to be ungifted to each other.