I would rape you myself, but I find your sense of honor disgusting.
―Neville Ranson to Kahlan Amnell[src]

Neville Ranson was a wizard trained by the Sisters of the Light at the Palace of the Prophets.

Biography Edit

Ranson was taught how to use Subtractive Magic by the Sisters of the Dark. Once he completed his training he was given the choice to kill Wizard Sam Weber, his friend, or be killed by Weber. Ranson chose to kill Wizard Weber. He skinned Weber alive transferring his power to the quillion, which he gave to Sister Ulicia. Before this he gave his oath and soul to the Keeper.

The night in which Ranson killed Weber, he was also ordered to go to the novice, Pasha Maes, and spend the rest of the night with her. After this he was sent to Aydindril in the Midlands to be an adviser to High Prince Fyren of Kelton.

After the death of Fyren, Ranson took control of the Central Council of the Midlands and it was he who sentenced Kahlan Amnell to death. Ranson used his power to cause Kahlan to believe she had lost her Confessor's magic.

When Kahlan was able to escape the pit in which she was placed, Ranson attempted to subdue her, however, Kahlan was able to shoot him with an arrow, killing him.

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