The Latest News about the Sword of Truth

Legend of the Seeker Edit

The long awaited Legend of the Seeker, a television series based on the events of Wizard's First Rule airs in syndication on November 1, 2008.

Eleventh BookEdit

The eleventh and concluding book in the Chainfire trilogy and the Sword of Truth series is Confessor. The book is to be published on November 13, 2007.

Book StatusEdit

The latest book in the Sword of Truth series, Phantom, was released in the United States on July 18th, 2006. The book continues the storyline of the final trilogy in the Sword of Truth series that was started in the book Chainfire. Buy your copy today!

Stay tuned here for any news for the final book that is to follow Phantom!

News BitesEdit

Phantom: Best Seller!
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Phantom was number one in sales for it's first week of release. It will appear as number one on the New York Times best sellers list. (most likely a week from this Sunday)

This is the first book to hit number one. Terry is extremely happy and wants to thank all of his fans.

WFR to made into a TV series!
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Sam Raimi, best known as the director of the hugely successful SPIDER-MAN and SPIDER-MAN II films, and his producing partner Joshua Donen, have optioned film rights for Terry Goodkind’s enormously popular bestselling SWORD OF TRUTH adventure series, published by Tor Books.

New Video Interview with Goodkind
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A brand new video interview has been done with Goodkind. It was posted on