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Nicholas was a magically altered Wizard that served the Imperial Order.


Imperial Order War[]

While Nicholas served under the Imperial Order, Emperor Jagang, with knowledge from books from the Great War, ordered his Sisters of the Dark to create magically-altered humans in order to be used as weapons. After many failed attempts, Nicholas was chosen to be a test subject. After enduring much pain and agony in the process, Nicholas was successfully altered into a Slide.

Though enraged at Jagang and the Sisters of the Dark for what they had done to him, Nicholas continued to serve the Imperial Order, posing as the leader of the forces that occupied Bandakar. Though knowing that the people of Bandakar were all Pristinely ungifted, Nicholas used them as test subjects in order for him to explore his new powers and their extent. Using his new abilities, Nicholas possessed Black-tipped Races in order to spy on Richard Rahl and his companions with the purpose of killing him and capturing his wife, Kahlan Amnell. He then planned on delivering the Mother Confessor to Jagang in exchange for having D'Hara as a reward.

Nicholas' plan was simplified when his targets came towards him, though against their will. As his targets approached Bandakar, they entered a forest, blocking Nicholas from being able to spy on them through the black-tipped races. However, Nicholas found a way to still keep Richard and Kahlan in check by using Betty, and this way he kept himself one step ahead of them.

While Richard looked for the cure to his poisoning, he arrived at Northwick, the city where Nicholas resided in. However, Nicholas had already found the antidote and had spilled it. He then promised Kahlan that he'd give Richard's antidote in exchange for taking her captive. Kahlan went through with the deal, planning on using her touch as soon as she got her chance. As she did this, Nicholas' ability overpowered hers and he took over her soul instead.

Planning on delivering the Mother Confessor to Jagang, Nicholas took Kahlan to Witherton, from where they would depart towards the Old World and then the New World. While spying on Richard and his companions by using Betty, Nicholas was deceived into using his ability at a certain time in the night. This gave Richard the opening to cut Nicholas' head off while he was out of his body.

Personality and traits[]

Nicholas had black hair slicked back with oils, and black eyes rimmed with red. He wore a dark robe made of many pieces of cloth.

Powers and Abilities[]

Slide: Nicholas, being a slide, could steal the souls of other humans, and use them to do what he wanted. The only use of this power that Nicholas figured out before his death, was how to use it to control animals and use their 5 senses as if they were his. This ability, that was implanted into him by Sisters of the Dark, seemed to grow as Nicholas became stronger and more accustomed to it. At first, Nicholas could only steal the soul of one person after impaling them and having them at the brink between life and death, but later on, he learned to steal the soul of anyone at any time. However, his power was not fast enough to surpass the speed of Jagang's Dream Walker abilities.