Nicobarese was a country in the northwest Midlands. It was the home of the Blood of the Fold, a group whose sole purpose was to stamp out magic. It is mostly known in the books as the land where Adie, a powerful sorceress, was born along with Lunetta Brogan and Tobias Brogan. Most children born in Nicobarese had the gift, and the city was full of sorceresses and magic. 

The Nicobarese Palace on Kings Row in Aydindril was “an edifice as garish as any of the others (other Palaces), with tapered, fluted columns of rare white-veined brown marble, a difficult-to-obtain stone quarried from the mountains in eastern Nicobarese.”[1] The nation's colors can be inferred to be White and Brown, as all of the Palace servants were wreathed in white and brown livery.[2]

 Nicobarese is a monarchy, but it can be inferred that the Blood of the Fold possessed more influence and power within the Kingdom, as it appears that the the Fold had executed the king sometime near the end of Stone of Tears for, “be(ing) more than all of us who loved him thought. He burned for his sins.”[1] It is thusly assumed that the Fold held the true power in Nicobarese. This is confirmed when further on it is stated that, “At his (Brogan’s) word banelings burned for their sins—whether they be beggars or soldiers, lords or ladies, or even kings.”[2] 

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