A Night Stone is a rock about the size of a grouse egg. It is smooth and polished and so dark that it seems as if it could suck in the light around it. Its surface is difficult to discern, other than a layer of gloss. Beneath that is a void of blackness. When taken out of its leather pouch, it gives off a warm, yellowish illumination that can be used to find your way at night, but it only does this for its owner, and then only if it was given of its last owner's free will. However, regardless of who removes the night stone from the pouch, when removed it will summon shadow people from the Underworld in the vicinity around it who will gradually move toward it. Wizards have magic to find night stones.

Adie gave her night stone to Richard to assist him in crossing the Kings' Port in the dark. It was later sent to the underworld by Darken Rahl in an attempt to transport and trap Zedd in the Underworld. Zedd had been using the stone to locate Richard after he had been captured by Denna with the aid of the artist James in Tamarang. Zedd was able to escape when he got Kahlan to use her Confessors' Power on him, which he used as a lifeline. Due to his skills as First Wizard he was able to prevent the affects of Kahlan's touch much to her surprise.