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A wisp close to dying on the TV series.

Night wisps are creatures of magic. They are the size of a small bottle and have a tiny voice. Few have ever seen a night wisp. A night wisp can not be seen during the day, only at night. A night wisp can not live many days away from their home and others of their kind before they lose all their strength and die. Night wisps emit a tiny flare of warm light that gives everything around them a silvery cast, but dims as they grow weaker and changes to an intense pink glow when touched by a Confessor. They have the ability to hover, fly, and spin through the air.


The land of the of the Night Wisps is close to the Agaden Reach in the Midlands. Barracus  kept his library in the land of the nights wisps and used them to test Richard before he could gain access to library. Their land was guarded by a large oak forest however due to the Chimes the forest has been dying leading Richard and Zedd to believe that the wisps are dying off. The forest itself is full of bones of treasure hunters who believed legends of treasure in the night wisps land. To gain entry through the forest a human must know the name of a night wisp since they would only know the name if they had befriended a wisp, as Richard did with Shar.

Magical abilities[]

The magic possessed by the Night Wisps is not very expanded upon in either the books or the television show. Among there reported abilities is the power to destroy small objects, although this can diminish their light and cause them to die. They have also been used by Confessors as guides. They have been shown to be able to locate any person or object no matter how far away. As such they can alert their friends to approaching enemies.


In Legend of the Seeker, Night Wisps, according to Kahlan, speak a magical language that all can understand if listened to closely. Before Cara began to understand the Night Wisp with child in Extinction, she said that the Night Wisp's language was like an annoying chirping. Night Wisps can only give birth at the Grottoes of the Northern Foothills.

Known Night Wisps[]