Odette was a Sister of the Dark, who disappeared from the Palace of the Prophets sometime before the arrival of Verna Sauventreen and Richard Rahl. Odette stole the skrin bone from Adie's home and then she attempted to help Darken Rahl free the Keeper from the underworld, but was killed by Richard, when trying to blast him and Scarlet out of the sky.


Amid the chaos caused by the skrin attack, Odette quietly snuck into Adie's home, while she and Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander attempted to out run the creature. Odette stole the Skrin Bone, an artifact Adie had safe guarded for years and then quickly escaped.

Odette fought her way into the People's Palace, killing three hundred of the First File. In the Garden of Life, she and the spirit of Darken Rahl made preparations to cast the magic, using the stolen skrin bone, that would unleash the Keeper upon the world of life. However, they were alerted to the approach of Richard Rahl, upon the dragon; Scarlet. Odette fought her way back out of the Garden of Life killing a further hundred men.

Sister Odette sent arcing blasts of lightening at Richard and Scarlet, succeeding in injuring Scarlets wing. However, before she could finish the job Richard was able to hit her with an arrow, killing her instantly. Darkness descended for a moment, the Keeper reclaiming Odette's soul.

Personality and traitsEdit

Odette was a woman of medium height. Her shoulder length hair was wavy and brown in color. Odette was missing the little finger of her right hand. She appeared middle aged, though she was far older, having lived at the Palace of the Prophets most of her life.

Magical AbilitiesEdit

As a sorceress Sister Odette can use magic who uses Additive magic but when she became a Sister of the Dark she gained the use of Subtractive Magic and probably had the male Han of a wizard making her extremely powerful. Odette is particularly skilled in firing destructive bolts of Lightning which could kill hundreds of D'Haran soldiers of the First File. She almost killed Scarlet by sending a blast of lightning which could have hit her if not for Richard who noticed the assault.