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The Palace of the Prophets was the residence of the Sisters of the Light. It was located on Halsband Island, near the city of Tanimura and here the Sisters trained young wizards to use their gift. Down in the vaults of the Palace, the Sisters of the Light stored valuable books of prophecy and there they studied them.


The Palace of the Prophets had a bifurcated web placed around it, which caused those who lived within it to age much slower than the average person. The web was placed by the wizards of long ago, who had the power of both Additive and Subtractive Magic. A person living at the Palace would age only one year for every ten or fifteen that passed outside the Palace. Wizard's Fire was banned on Halsband Island because of the bifurcated web, as it was feared that it could ignite the dangerous spell.


The Palace of the Prophets was created in 2,960 BCB by the wizards of that time so that the order of sorceresses known as the Sisters of the Light would have a place to help train young wizards in the use of the gift. The wizards knew that magic was dying out, and many refused to train the younger generation for fear of them rising up and usurping power. As such, the Sisters of the Light were formed by those wizards who did not selfishly guard the secrets of magic. Unfortunately, as sorceresses it took the Sisters a much longer time than it would another wizard to teach a wizard something as simple as touching his Han. This forced the wizards who created the Palace to place a powerful bifurcated web over it, causing time to pass much differently within its walls to the way it did in the outside world. This allowed the Sisters to live for centuries, and gave them a monumental amount of time to train the next generation of wizards.

According to prophecy, the Palace of the Prophets was a necessary loss for the best interests of the world. In 41 ACB, First Wizard Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander, under Prelate Annalina Aldurren's direction, set a light web down in the vaults of the Palace, but was unable to light it. Richard Rahl himself later did so and the Palace was destroyed.

After the destruction of the Palace of the Prophets, it was discovered that there was and always had been a central site buried underneath of it. It was here that the Sisters of the Dark led by Sister Ulicia found the book Chainfire.

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the television series Legend of the Seeker the Palace is spelled so that once a young wizard enters its walls the headaches caused by their awakened gift will no longer trouble them. In the novels, young wizards all have a Rada'Han placed on them to prevent the headaches killing them, as well as to control them. The time difference in the television series is a little different than the book's. In Legend of the Seeker, 10 days pass outside of the palace's walls for every day that passes inside of it. For example, in the episode "Perdition," Richard suffers in his nightmare and is told by Kahlan that 7 winters have gone by outside of the palace even though Richard has only been there for about half a year.