Pasha wasn't woman enough to serve Kahlan tea.
―Richard Rahl[src]

Pasha Maes was a novice of the Sisters of the Light who was appointed to be Richard Rahl's teacher. She naively allowed herself to be fooled by the lies of Sister Ulicia and was killed by Warren when she attempted to kill Richard.

Personality and traits Edit

Pasha was a young woman who looked about five years younger than Richard, though she had spent her life at the Palace of the Prophets and was actually closer to 150 years old. She was about a foot shorter than Richard and had long, soft brown hair which reached her shoulders. Her eyes were large and brown, and she was considered very beautiful. She was very well-liked by the young wizards at the palace, and she had a tendency to enjoy giving kisses and cuddles in the corner. However, she was far too innocent to realize the impact of what she was doing. She just considered a kiss and a cuddle to be a kiss and a cuddle, though obviously some of the wizards would have liked more. She was protected by some of the more honorable young males, who saw to it that she was never raped or abused.

Before she was killed, Pasha was supposed to be the next novice to be named a fully-fledged Sister of the Light. She had a strong will and was said to be very brave, which was supposedly quite rare among novices. Pasha was a strict follower of the rules of the Palace of the Prophets. After being manipulated by Sister Ulicia, Pasha fell in love with Richard and tried to seduce him into loving her. Unfortunately, she believed what the Sisters of the Dark had said about Richard working for the Keeper. Warren eventually killed her to protect Richard

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