Pendisan Reach is a region in the Midlands, west of the Kern River, that refused to join the Central Council of the Midlands during the war with Panis Rahl. Standing by their sovereignty, the king chose to have Pendisan Reach fight the enemy in their own way. Consequently, D'Haran troops (led by Anargo) occupied a number of small towns in Pendisan Reach, including Coney's Crossing. Coney's Crossing was the hometown of Abby and her mother, Helsa.

Pendisan Reach's Ambassador Wexler surrendered his homeland to the D'Haran Empire after the dissolution of the Midlands. He asked for a van of battle against the Imperial Order.

The people of Pendisan Reach have a flair for the dramatic, but were wholly enthusiastic about their tasks.

Coney's Crossing was the place where Zedd cast the Boundary Spell to seal the D'Haran forces off, when they were led by Panis Rahl. He also sent a ball of Wizard's Fire through the boundary, letting it touch death.