Penthea was the Sister of the Dark sent by Emperor Jagang to use her Subtractive Magic to create a spell that would cause Kahlan Amnell to die if magic was used to heal her after she was attacked by Dalton Campbell's men.

Biography Edit

Sister Penthea entered Dalton Campbell's rooms quietly as he spoke to his messengers telling them to treat her with care as she was a woman with great power at her disposal. She announced her arrival and informed Dalton that she was there to wield her services in the name of Emperor Jagang.

Penthea assured Dalton that her power still worked despite the presence of the chimes in the world of the living and proceeded to spell the men who would be dispatched to severely bash the Mother Confessor. She announced that even should the Mother Confessor survive the beating, she would die when Richard Rahl tried to heal her with his magic, as the spell that Penthea had conjured, would be transferred to her when she was bashed and that it would react with his magic. She then returned to the Imperial Order camp.

Personality and traits Edit

Penthea was a middle-aged woman, with long black and grey hair. She was a little on the large side and she had an arrogant air to her. This was diminished however by the gold ring that was placed through her lip, marking her a slave of the Emperor.

Appearances Edit