Perdita was a Sister of the Dark who was captured by Emperor Jagang. She appeared to hold a certain amount of authority among the Sisters. Perdita was involved in the ceremony held to give Jennsen Rahl the added help of magic to kill her half-brother. She journeyed with Jennsen to the Pillars of Creation and was taken by Kahlan Amnell's Confessor's Magic.

Biography Edit

Sister Perdita was cleaning the Emperor's chambers when she realized that the young woman who had entered, Jennsen, was pristinely ungifted. She was shocked, more so, when Jennsen utters a single word of the Keeper of the underworlds tongue, "Grushdeva".

Perdita was required to participate in the attack on Aydindril and unlike over half a million men, she survived. She was expected to give a full report on the lethal magic that had been loosed by Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander and Adie. Perdita recognized that the light web and ghost horsemen used outside of the Confessors' Palace were constructed magic.

The Sisters of the Dark chose to help Jennsen and they performed a ceremony that gave her extra help in her mission to kill Richard Rahl. She journeyed with Jennsen to the Pillars of Creation and there vied for Jennsen's trust against Richard Rahl.

Perdita decided to kill Kahlan Amnell, who had been captured by Oba Rahl and had been tied to a pillar. As Perdita drew close enough to touch, Kahlan reached out and released her magic into the Sister, however at the same moment Jennsen stabbed the Sister, making her choice to join Richard, killing her instantly.

Personality and traits Edit

Perdita was a middle aged Sister, who wore a drab brown, wool dress. Her hair was dark, but beginning to go gray, giving it the look of salt and pepper. Like all of the captured Sisters, Perdita had a small golden ring looped through her lower lip. She appeared to have an arrogant, superior smirk attached to her face at all times.

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