The Pillars of Creation was an extremely hot valley deep within the Old World. At the end of the novel Pillars of Creation, Jennsen Rahl and Oba Rahl were drawn there by the Keeper for the purpose of killing Richard. Kahlan had been taken by Oba to lure Richard into a trap and Jennsen Rahl was prompted to kill Richard. Kahlan used her power on the Sister of the Dark which consequently made many of the pillars start to fall due to the concussion of her power. Oba was killed by the falling pillars, and Jennsen realized that Richard was not the evil man she was raised to believe he was after using reason to guide her own thoughts. After that, Jennsen became devoted to Richard's cause.

Upon reaching the statue of Kaja-Rang on the ancient path into Bandakar, Richard discovered that Kaja-Rang had surrounded the Pillars of Creation with a boundary so that the dangerous people of Bandakar would never be able to make it to the outside world, and would instead perish in the barren valley.

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