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To save Kahlan from execution, reluctant Cara must pose as a well-mannered princess to win a powerful ruler's affections and, save Kahlan from dying.

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While on their quest to find the Stone of Tears, Richard, Kahlan, Zedd and Cara stop to camp, where a group of trained gars suddenly kidnap Kahlan. Zedd reveals that the gars belonged to the Margrave of Rothenberg, and that no magic can work in his kingdom, meaning Kahlan has no use of her powers to escape. Meanwhile, the Sisters of the Dark bring Nicci back from the dead. Nicci makes a deal with the Margrave: the Mother Confessor in exchange for eternal life. Zedd intercepts a royal party on their way to Rothenberg as a prospective bride. Changing Cara into a princess, Richard into her brother and himself as her aunt, the three successfully enter the heavily guarded palace. However, there is only one key to the dungeon and the Margrave is the only one in possession of it, so Cara proceeds to woo him. Kahlan is trapped in the dungeon with the former queen, who is sentenced to death so that the Margrave can remarry. After convincing her to help Kahlan escape, Kahlan devises a plan. Cara gets the Margrave into his bedroom where she threatens him until he gives her the key. Sister Nicci arrives to kill Kahlan and a battle ensues in the dungeons where Cara and Kahlan fight to escape. Nicci, having failed to kill Kahlan, escapes, promising to be back. Richard and the others promice to take the former queen home as they are passing that way. The rest of the party continue east in their quest.

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Your palace is stunning your margrave serene,

The gardens, the loveliest I’ve ever seen.

The lilies, the roses, the hyacinths blue,

All gathered their beauty and tribute to you.


Servants these days are hopeless, my liege.

One feels in ones house as if under siege.


True, true, countess. In my fathers day people knew their place.

There was such a thing as discipline.


When my servants drop things or crumble or whine,

it's never too long before they're back in line.


Tell me how you manage, princess?


Once, long ago I was training a slave,

who endeavoured most stubbornly not to behave.

So I cut off a finger or two with a knife

and threaten to slaughter his child and his wife.

Then I stripped him down naked and strapped to a horse.

I dragged him though miles of bramble and gorse.

Poured salt in his wounds and rolled him in rubble.

That was the last time he gave any trouble.


Impressive. I'll have to give it a try.


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  • Parker Stevenson as Margrove
  • Emily Foxler as Sister Nicci
  • John Bach as Herald
  • Rachael Blampied as Duchess Drucilla
  • Lucy Schmidt as Millicent
  • Gilda Proietti as Arla
  • Clayton Carrick-Leslie as Jailer
  • Faye Smythe as Sister Merissa
  • Jed Brophy as Shadrin



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