A quillion crystal.

A Quillion was a dark artifact that acted as a receptacle of magic. It was used to absorb the magic from a wizard and also had the power to keep the wizard alive while there was still a significant trace of their gift left within them; however, the wizard's life would be forfeit the moment the last of his magic was absorbed. A quillion appeared as a small and unassuming statue of a pewter figure shaped as a man on one knee holding a crystal over his head. The bearded face of the figure looked at the crystal in wonder; the crystal itself was slightly elongated, coming to faceted points and inclusions floated frozen inside it.

Once the magic had bled from the wizard into the quillion, the crystal would give off an orange glow. A quillion was used by the Sisters of the Dark during a ceremony of dark magic to transfer a wizard's Han to themselves, enhancing their gift unimaginably. Wizard Neville Ranson used a quillion on Wizard Sam Weber on the orders of Sister Ulicia.

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