Quinn, known posthumously as Koloblicin, was a wizard from the times of the Great War.

Not much was known about Koloblicin (Kolo for short), except that for a time, he stood guard over the Sliph's well in the Wizard's Keep, and kept a journal at the time.

Koloblicin spoke High D'Haran, and thus his journal was also in the dead language. His journal would be found by Richard Rahl after the entrance to the sliph's well was blown open at the same time as the Towers of Perdition were destroyed and the barrier between the Old World and the New World was rent asunder. Kolo's journal was translated by Richard with the help of a Mord-Sith, Berdine, who also understood High D'Haran.

Before they learned his true name, Richard and Berdine nicknamed him Koloblicin, High D'Haran for "strong adviser" because of his aid through his journal during the war with the Imperial Order. Koloblicin's journal was a constant aid to Richard, and was instrumental to his journey to the Temple of the Winds and back.

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The arguments rage on among us. Wizard's Third Rule: Passion rules reason. I fear this most insidious of rules may be our ruin. Though we know better, I fear some of us are violating it anyway. Each faction presses that their course of action is reason, but in the desperation, I fear all are passion. Even Alric Rahl sends frantic word of a solution. Meanwhile the dream walkers scythe through our men. I pray the towers can be completed, or we are all lost. Today I said good-bye to friends leaving for the towers. I wept to know I will never see those good men in this world. How many will die in the towers for the cause of reason? But alas, I know the worse cost should we violate the Third Rule.
―Chapter 43[src]
The third attempt at forging a Sword of Truth failed today. The wives and children of the five men who died roam the halls, wailing in inconsolable anguish. How many men will die before we succeed, or until we abandon the attempt as impossible? The goal may be worthy, but the price is becoming terrible to bear.
―Chapter 44[src]
Last night, our enemies sent assassins through the sliph. Had the man on duty not been so alert, they would have succeeded. When the towers are ignited, the Old World will truly be sealed away, and the sliph will sleep. Then we can all rest easier, except the unlucky man on guard. We have concluded that we will have no way of knowing when the spells will be ignited, if they ever are, or if anyone is in the sliph, so the guard cannot be called away in time. When the towers are brought to life, the man on guard will be sealed in with her.
―Chapter 44[src]
Today, one of our most coveted desires, possible only through the brilliant, tireless work of a team of near to one hundred, has been accomplished. The items most feared lost, should we be overrun, have been protected. A cheer went up from all in the Keep when we received word today that we were successful. Some thought it was not possible, but to the astonishment of all, it is done: the Temple of the Winds is gone.
―Chapter 46[src]
Beware when day meets dark. Beware crossroads, where they skulk. They can lurk in fire's crackle and easily travel on sparks. Beware gloomy places among rocks, under things, down holes and caves and shafts of every kind. Beware crags and edges and water's brink -- the fey creatures slip along borders, where this meets that.

Some are of terrible icy beauty. Most are shaped by whim. They often crave attention. Pray not provoke them, for they revel in causing extravagant harm, and are dangerous in the extreme. They are tireless hunters, these thieves of magic, without empathy, without a soul.

Mark well my words: Beware the Chimes, and if need be great, draw yourself thrice on the barren earth, in sand and salt and blood, a Fatal Grace.
―SotF Header[src]
Evil thinks not to beguile us by unveiling the terrible truth of it's festering intent, but comes, instead, disguised in the diaphanous robes of virtue, whispering sweet-sounding lies intended to seduce us into the dark bed of our eternal graves.
―PoC Header[src]

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