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A Rada'Han was a collar invested with magic that when placed upon one of the gifted, would disrupt their connection to their magic. The Rada'Hans were employed most often to contain or capture those with magic.


The Rada'Han was a seamless collar, made of a seemingly simple metal. A young wizard that was to be trained by the Sisters of the Light had to place the collar on his neck himself, sealing it with his own magic. Only after he had learned to use his gift enough to help a Sister unlock a Rada'Han could it be removed.

Usage and purpose[]

The Sisters of the Light would have a Rada'Han placed around the neck of a young wizard before they would begin to train him. Rada'Han's could be used to block the gifted from touching their Han, give them pain, block them from speaking and to make them move against their will, among other things.

The Sisters of the Light employed the Rada'Han for three reasons:

  • To control the headaches produced by the gift and open the young wizards mind so he may learn to use his gift adaquaetly.
  • To control and discipline the young wizard.
  • To give him the test of pain.

Under Prelate Verna Sauventreen using a Rada'Han for the test of pain was outlawed, as she learnt that there were lessons of pain far more productive than the inhumane physical pain the Rada'Han produced.

Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander was able to remove a Rada'Han which Prelate Annalina Aldurren placed on him, a feat no other wizard was shown as capable of, no doubt to his extreme power being beyond others.



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