No one is stronger than Raina. She is Mord-Sith.

Raina was a Mord-Sith who lived under the reign of Darken Rahl. She became a personal body guard to Richard Rahl, when he became Lord Rahl and truly respected him. She was the lover of Berdine. Raina died from the plague, released by Sister Amelia, in Richard's arms.

Biography Edit

Along with Berdine, Cara, and Hally, Raina followed Richard to Aydindril in order to protect him. She had dark hair and eyes that seemed to examine someone for every nuance of strength, weakness, and power. She was shorter than Hally and Cara. During Richard's stay in Aydindril, she continued to serve as Richard's bodyguard along with Cara and Berdine until she died in his arms of the plague. She took great care in taming chipmunks, always giggling when they ate out of her hands. Along with that and her and Berdine's secret love, Raina, under Richard's new rules, learned to put aside the hardships of being Mord-Sith and let her emotions free.

Personality and traits Edit

Raina was a beautiful, tall woman. She had dark eyes, that seemed to look into the soul of a person, even more so than most Mord-Sith. Her hair was thick and black, pulled back into a single braid, marking her profession as a Mord-Sith. Raina always had her Agiel at the ready and was clothed only in red or brown skin tight leather.

Under the reign of Darken Rahl, Raina was made to feel belittled because of her same-sex relationship with Berdine. However under the rule of Richard, Raina felt accepted and was devoted to him, not only because he was the Lord Rahl, but because he was a man worthy of respect.

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