This page lists all ranks and titles known to belong to multiple individuals.

The New World Edit


Midlands Edit

The Confessors hold authority over all but the Mother Confessor.
Mother Confessor
The Mother Confessor is the ultimate power in the midlands. Leads the Confessors.
Galea, Kelton and Tamarang are monarchies that, at various times, were ruled by women. Galea was ruled by Bernadine Amnell, then by her daughter, Cyrilla Amnell, and then Kahlan Amnell when her two older siblings were killed in the war with the Imperial Order. After Kelton's surrender to the D'Haran Empire and the Queen of Kelton's death after trying to kill the Lord Rahl, Richard Rahl proclaimed his future wife, the Mother Confessor Kahlan Amnell, the queen. Queen Violet of Tamarang succeeded her mother Milena. After her death, Richard Rahl pronounced Rachel as the next ruler.
An Elder is a member of the Mud People who has earned enough respect from the community and is given decision-making privileges in the community.

D'Hara Edit

General of the Field
General of the Field is the non-canon rank given to the D'Haran officer in command of D'Haran soldiers outside the People's Palace during wartime.
Commander General of the First File
The Commander General of the First File has absolute authority over the People's Palace in the absence of Lord Rahl.

The Old World Edit

Imperial Order Edit

Emperor of the Imperial Order
The Emperor of the Imperial Order was the title of the leader of the Imperial Order. The only person to have held this rank was Jagang. Despite the Order's philosophy that all of mankind should be selfless, the Emperor hypocritically ruled the Order with an iron fist and was anything but selfless, considering the conditions he lived in when compared to the Imperial Order Army and the rest of his Empire. The existence of the Imperial Order's Emperor in itself puts the lie to its words.
Brother is the title given to a wizard who subscribes to the beliefs of the Order. Brother Narev is their leader.

Bandakar Edit

Wise One
The Wise One is an adolescent boy who reiterates the teachings of the Bandakar people.
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