Roslyn was a Sister of the Dark, who followed Zedd and Ann in the hopes of being able to capture the prophet, Nathan Rahl. She was infuriated when she discovered that Zedd and Ann had been following the wrong person and was consumed in a light web set by Zedd, when attempting to capture the man they believed to be Nathan.

Biography Edit

Roslyn burst through the door of the room that Zedd had just entered, believing one of the two occupants to be Nathan. Zedd had just been hit from behind by William, the man pretending to be Nathan and was incapacitated. She was infuriated that she was tricked into believing William was the prophet and quickly released her rage by sending a deadly bolt of Subtractive lightning at the prostitute that Zedd had paralyzed with his magic in the initial struggle.

William ran from the room and was quickly pursued by Roslyn. Ann recognized Roslyn and was able to slip away before the Sister of the Dark noticed her. Roslyn realized that there was a light web cast around the main door of the Inn that was moments from igniting. She attempted to undo it with Subtractive Magic, but only succeeded in enhancing it's power. The light web ignited and Roslyn and several innocents were killed in the explosion.

Personality and traits Edit

Roslyn appeared to be middle-aged, though she was far older due to having lived at the Palace of the Prophets and had long stringy hair. She was a woman with an extremely bad temperament, who could become infuriated quite easily. Roslyn was not averse to using her powers, acquired through nefarious means, to cause innocents harm.

Appearances Edit