Sacrifice is the tenth episode of the television series Legend of the Seeker.

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Kahlan learns her sister is alive, and disguises herself as a Mord'Sith in order to free her from a D'Haran prison.

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Richard, Kahlan, and Zedd encounter a group of Confessors and their leader, Mother Confessor Serena, who are on their way to an island called Valeria to hide from Rahl. The group then comes across a man named Finn whom they find out has been confessed by Kahlan's sister Dennee, whom Kahlan believed dead. After discovering that her sister Dennee is alive and is being held at a D'Haran prison, Kahlan rescues her by disguising herself as a Mord'Sith with Richard in tow as her prisoner. Kahlan confesses the warden who then takes her to Dennee, and helps Kahlan and Dennee escape the prison. The Confessors' happiness at finding Dennee pregnant (Dennee took Finn as her mate) is short-lived when Dennee gives birth that evening to a boy. The birth of a male Confessor is extremely rare. As part of the ancient wayir tradition, all male Confessors are killed at birth because they are unable to control their power, and therefore become corrupted by it. Serana declares the infant must be drowned in a ceremony called the Ritual of the Water. Richard is shocked and horrified. He cannot allow them to kill the baby. The D'Harans are approaching quickly and Richard offers to lead them away on the condition that nothing happen to the child until he returns. Kahlan nods in agreement. After leading the D'Harans in the opposite direction, Richard returns to find the baby is gone. Finn has been ordered to perform the Ritual of the Waters and has taken his son to the river. Richard darts off after him and finds Finn before he can drown the baby. He convinces Finn that taking the baby's life is not what his mistress Dennee really wants and convinces Finn to give the baby to him. Richard takes off to protect the child, but it is not long before Kahlan finds him.

Richard pleads with Kahlan for the baby's life and Kahlan relents because she does not really want to harm her nephew or Richard. Serena and Zedd then find the trio and when Serena sees that Richard will not easily give up the baby, she confesses Zedd. She orders him to retrieve Dennee's son from Richard. Zedd uses his Wizard's Fire on Richard until Kahlan hands over the child to save Richard's life. Meanwhile deciding to help Dennee save her child, the remaining Confessors attack and confess Rahl's pursuing soldiers with Richard and Kahlan's help, and use them to distract Zedd while they confront Serena. Finn kills Serena, releasing Zedd from her control, and leaves for Valeria with Dennee and their son. Richard hopes that without anyone to corrupt at the island the boy can be raised as a force for good and learn to control his power. The remaining Confessors name Kahlan as their new Mother Confessor.

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  • All the confessors were dead except Kahlan in the beginning of the novel, so the entire episode couldn't have happened in the timeline of the books -- Kahlan was already the Mother Confessor, Zedd was never Confessed, and Denee never had a son.