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Samuel was the former Seeker of Truth, who became the companion of the witch woman, Shota. He was later bewitched by Six and killed by Kahlan Amnell.


Early Life[]

Samuel was the former Seeker of Truth, the direct predecessor of Richard Rahl. He became the Seeker by slitting the throat of the previous Seeker and stealing the Sword of Truth. He lived in the Agaden Reach with his mistress, the witch woman, Shota. He came to her desperate for help, but she could do nothing for him, besides take pity on him. Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander traveled to the Agaden Reach and took the Sword of Truth from Samuel and Shota and brought it with him to Westland.

Personality and traits[]

Samuel, you idiot!

Samuel was a wiry, ashen, putrid-smelling, disgusting little creature with a pallid head, bulging yellow eyes, bloodless white lips, sharp teeth, and a shrill scream, who was obsessed with obtaining the Sword of Truth. Despite his small stature, Samuel is even stronger than Richard, with big, powerful hands, long, sinewy fingers, and sharp nails.

Spaces between his teeth were packed with spongy, gray debris. His heavy breath reeked of rot. Dark patches covered his hairless, waxy head and his feet were as disproportionately large as his hands and arms. His arms were so long that even as he stood erect, he often casually drew lines and circles in the dirt of the road with his fingers. His belly was round and full. There was no hair on him anywhere, and his skin looked like it hadn't seen sunlight in years. Short dark pants held up with straps were all he wore as he bound along in his odd, skittering gait.

Samuel could speak a basic form of the common language, although his voice was often more of a hissing sound, and his laughter was more of a gurgling sound. Samuel's yellow eyes often changed quickly between a taunting grin, greed, fierce hatred and wide-eyed fear. They shined like twin lanterns in the dark. From time to time, when left alone, Samuel would occasionally take obsessive possession of a stick or rock or any other item, only to soon lose interest and drop his latest find. If given the chance, Samuel would slit the throat of those he disliked without a second thought.


Samuel resembles the character Gollum from J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings both physically and in that Samuel was corrupted by the Sword of Truth in much the same way Gollum was corrupted by the One Ring.


Television appearance[]

Samuel was introduced to Legend of the Seeker in the episode "Identity" where he was played by the actor John Rawls. This version of Samuel was different both in appearance and behavior from the books. A tall, gaunt man with stringy dark hair, he was still plainly human and quite normal looking, dressed in clothing appropriate for a swordsman. He walked upright and seemed rational in both behavior and speech. He was able to wield a sword with some skill, though Richard was able to beat him quickly even without the Sword of Truth. No references were made to Samuel's prior status as the Seeker.