Savidlin was a Mud Person, the husband of Weselan and an elder of his people following the death of Toffalar.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Savidlin was married to Weselan and had a son, Siddin, with her.

Village hunter Edit

He was among the hunting party that met Richard and Kahlan. He appeared to be the leader of the party as he only spoke with Kahlan. When greeting Richard with the customary hit in the face, Richard knocked him down to the ground. This way Richard gained the friendship of Savidlin. He was eager to learn the new way of making clay roofs, which Richard taught him even with the language barrier. He also allowed Richard and Kahlan to stay at his house during the building of the new roof. He was not afraid when Kahlan spent time with Siddin and was friendly towards her.

Elder Edit

Savidlin became an elder of the Mud People when Toffalar, having been deluded into believing they were good spirits, was killed by the Shadow People drawn forth by the Night Stone.

Personality and traits Edit

Savidlin appeared as a fit, wiry man.

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