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Sebastian was the Imperial Order's strategist and an important advisor to Emperor Jagang.


Imperial Order War[]

As Sebastian wandered around D'Hara, he meets a young woman named Jennsen, who he helps hide the body of a dead D'Haran soldier. Jennsen, in return for his help, takes him to her house so that he doesn't have to spend the night in the cold rain while having a fever. While at Jennsen's house, several soldiers come into her house and kill Jennsen's mother, before dying by Jennsen's and Sebastian's hands. Jennsen, having revealed that she is being chased by the Lord Rahl, asks Sebastian to help her. They both head towards a Sorceress named Lathea who had helped hide her in the past.

Knowing Lord Rahl's new name, Richard Rahl, and of his vast power which surpassed that of his father, Jennsen is accompanied by Sebastian as they make their way to Lathea. She, however, turns them away saying that she never helped her, but it was her sister, Althea, the one that had done such a thing. After they leave, Jennsen returns to the old woman's house knowing that she must know something about "holes in the world", but instead, she finds Lathea dead inside her igniting house, where Sebastian finds her. The couple then goes to the People's Palace looking for Althea. While asking around, they find out that Althea lives in a swamp which she never comes out of, and to be allowed to visit her, you must talk to her husband Friedrich Gilder who sells his carvings in the Palace. As they look around the palace for Althea's husband, Sabastian is captured and imprisoned by guards at the palace.

A few days after being held imprisoned in the most secured cells of the People's Palace, Sebastian is rescued by Jennsen, who had deceived all the guards and even captain Lerner. As the two make their escape, they are encountered by a Mord-Sith named Nyda, who they also deceive and then escorts the two of them out. As they make their way out, Nathan Rahl sees the party and knowing they could never fool a Gifted, they send the Mord-Sith to stop him as the two flee. While running away from the guards, they find a hiding spot, where, for the first time, Sebastian reveals his feelings towards Jennsen as he kisses her.

After they escape, they wonder around the mountains of western D'Hara, where they meet a healer of the Raug'Moss. While staying at one of the cabins, Sebastian and Jennsen express their feelings sexually. Having revealed that he is the strategist of the Imperial Order, Sebastian takes Jennsen to Midlands, where she meets Emperor Jagang, who promises to help her against her struggle to kill the current Lord Rahl of the D'Haran Empire. Sebastian and Jennsen enjoy a night of passion before the battle that would conquer the capital of the Midlands in the name of the Order.

Sebastian and Jennsen, along with the main force of the Imperial Order, arrive at Aydindril where, after finding the dead head of Brother Narev, they storm into the Confessors' Palace looking for Richard Rahl (Lord Rahl) and Kahlan Amnell, the Mother Confessor. The palace, however, is being guarded by a Wizard and a Sorceress who, after killing many soldiers with Constructed magic, try to kill Jagang himself with Wizard's fire while Sebastian was separated from him. Sebastian, along with the Order, flees the palace, only to see a Light web wreck immense destruction on the main army.

Sebastian, Jennsen, having made a deal with The Keeper of obedience in exchange for killing Richard Rahl, and Perdita, a Sisters of the Dark, head towards the Old World to find Lord Rahl. At the Pillars of Creation, they encounter Richard, the Mother Confessor and Oba Rahl. Sebastian tells Jennsen to kill Lord Rahl, encouraging her by telling her that Richard's magic can't hurt her since she immune to it. The Keeper's supreme plan, however, was for Richard to kill Jennsen at the Pillars of Creation, thereby opening a gate between the Keeper's realm and the world of the living. Richard discerns the plan and refuses to be goaded into cooperating. Jennsen, however, recognizes the truth of who she is and how Sebastian came to know of her. She confronts Sebastian and, because of his love for her, reveals that the men who killed her mother were actually soldiers of the Imperial Order, unraveling a chain of lies that Sebastian had fed her. Sebastian tells Jennsen how much he has come to love her and that now he only wants to please her. However, Jennsen tells Sebastian that the only thing that would please her now is for him to die. Perdita interrupts and intends to take matters into her own hands, but Kahlan's power kills her and, indirectly, Oba Rahl. Sebastian later fulfills Jennsen's wishes, killing himself with Mountain Fever Roses.


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