I will give you war; a real war, not a slaughter of women and children, but a war lead by me, the Mother Confessor! War without quarter!
―Kahlan Amnell

The Second Great War is essentially a war between the Old World and the New World, but more specifically between the Imperial Order lead by Emperor Jajang and the Midlands Alliance. The war comes as a sequel to the Great War fought on similar issues, mainly, the abolition of magic as an evil force—incarnated in the Imperial Order—and those who fought to protect magic—incarnated as the Midlands Alliance and those who stood with them.

History Edit

Origins Edit

Jagang had just finished the unification of the Old World at about the time Richard and Verna arrived in Tanimura. Word of the Order had quickly spread to the New world and influenced the Prince of Keltan to take Aydindril and Galea for himself. When Jagang had heard of the fall of the Great Barrier, he told his people that an emperor from beyond had tried to invade. This lie was used as a justification for war.

Galea Edit

Massacre of Ebinissia Edit

An Imperial Order army, made up of, Keltans, D'Harans and Galeans, attacked the capital of Galea, Ebinissia. The inhabitants of Ebinissia had refused to surrender to the Imperial Order army. The Imperial Order army then laid siege to Ebinissia. The inhabitants were slaughtered, but not before the Imperial Order had raped and brutally killed the women of the city. A force of around five thousand Galean recruits arrived shortly after the Order's army had left.

Raid Edit

Kahlan, the Mother Confessor along with Chandelen, Prindin and Tossidin quickly found the Galean recruits under Captain Ryan. The captain explained their plan to Kahlan and then Kahlan told them that the D'haran soldiers in the Imperial Order's ranks were far more experienced and that the defender's hammer and nail tactic would not work on them. Kahlan went alone to the Imperial Order camp and saw that the order army had acquired a wizard. Kahlan was quickly chased out of camp killing fifty Order soldiers in the process including their wizard. Kahlan then planned a raid on the Order camp along with one thousand of the Galean recruits. The raid destroys the order's supplies and kills some of their key generals. After the raid, Kahlan is betrayed by Prindin, who is a baneling in disguise. Prindin killed his brother Tossidin when he tried to help Kahlan. Prindin shot Chandelen with a ten-step arrow, but Chandelen having taken some quassin doe before going out to fight had risen up and killed Prindin.

Against the odds Edit

Kahlan and Chandelen left for Aydindril to face another case of treachery. The remaining Galean recruits under Captain Ryan, fought the Imperial Order soldiers to the last man. Kahlan returned and soon after her second case of treachery. By then, no Imperial Order soldiers that had sacked Ebinissia were left, and only nine-hundred of the Galean recruits were left.

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Enter the Blood of the Fold Edit

Escape from Aydindril Edit

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Battle of the Palace of the Prophets Edit

Battle of Aydindril Edit

Richard and Kahlan arrived in Aydindril via the Sliph to learn that the mirswith queen was attempting to establish a new colony within the city. After barely surviving a full front attack against the queen, Richard and Kahlan discover that the Blood of the Fold lead by hundreds of mirswith are storming into the city, the D'harans are being slaughtered. Richard and Kahlan quickly ralied the army to their side. Richard launched a full front attack which resulted in the deaths of dozens of mirswith. While Kahlan launched several hit and run tactics to disperse the group. Thanks to the quick arrival of an army gars and an army of Keltans the Blood of the Fold was defeated and forced to surrender to the D'Haran Empire.

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Battle of the Confessor's Palace Edit

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Splitting the horde Edit

As Jagang turned from Aydindril, not daring risking his entire force against a Wizard and a Sorceress at the Keep, and with the passes blocked, the Emperor split his army in the year of the Cicadas. Half remained at the Passes, while the rest looped back around and went to come up into D'Hara proper from the south. This act forced Richard Rahl, returned to the New World hunting for Kahlan, to dissolve the D'Haran Army into the Phantom D'haran legions, to lay waste to the Old World, leaving the New World to Jagang unapposed

Siege of the People's Palace Edit

As Jagang's army marched to the People's Palace, he received Word: the D'Haran army was gone. He marched to the Azrith Plains and camped his millions of followers there, and started building a ramp of earth to get his army into the now sealed People's Palace, as he dug underneath it looking for the Book of Counted Shadows. While he was camped, he started recieving disturbing news that the Old World was under attack. The supply trains were being destroyed, cities leveled, fields salted, orchards burned, and the members of the Fellowship of Order were being hunted down and executed. The great city of Taka-Mar, a major hub for commerce and resupply, was utterly destroyed. All told, six Brothers, hundreds of thousands of soldiers, and untold thousands of inhabitants that had raised armies were slaughtered, with the survivors being told that this was the fault of the Order. Jagang, enraged, redoubled his efforts to get into the palace.

Endgame Edit

At this point, Richard Rahl realized the truth: that it was impossible for the forces of the New World to win against Jagang, he and his followers were simply to strong in their army, magic, and beliefs. So he sought peace by accessing the power of Orden with the Sword of Truth. He used the power to created another world that would exist parallel to his own and had everyone who wished to live without magic, completely under the Order's rule, go to it. He banished the chimes to this world so that all magic would be drained from its inhabitants and the their connection to the Creator and the Keeper would be destroyed. This world, the world without magic, would live unaware of their origins due to the effects of Chainfire until the lifetime of Alexander Rahl.

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