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I have seen a true Seeker make a king quake in his boots with the asking of a single question.
―Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander[src]

The Seeker of Truth was one of two "weapons" created by Wizard Merrit  in an effort to preserve the truth.

Powers and functions[]

A Seeker does exactly as the name implies; he seeks. He seeks the answers to things. Things of his own choosing. If he is the right person, he will seek the answers that will help others, not just himself. The whole purpose of a Seeker is to be free to quest on his own, to go where he wants, ask what he wants, learn what he wants, find answers to what he wants to know, and if need be, do whatever it is the answers demand.
―Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander

The function of the Seeker was to seek out the truth and act upon it, usually amounting to a quest to abolish ignorance and vanquish some evil. He had the ultimate and final word on truth, similarly to the Confessors, the other weapon created by the wizards. To help him with his job, the seeker wielded a weapon called the Sword of Truth, whose magic, powered by the Seeker's righteous anger, allowed him to fight with immense strength within the limits of intent.

The Seeker of Truth was supposed to be named by a wizard of the First Order, but during the rule of Panis Rahl, Seekers were named by the Central Council of the Midlands. But true Seekers, who are really the only effective kind, essentially name themselves by manifesting the qualities necessary to properly seek the truth. A true Seeker is a born Seeker; he is only recognized and tested by wizards.

The Seeker was a law onto himself, and answered to no sovereign. Out of reverence for his legendary position, strength, and rare love of truth, many would honor him and follow his commands, while others would hunt him mercilessly. This attitude toward the Seeker was diminished during the reign of Panis Rahl, when the naming of false Seekers by the Central Council of the Midlands made them less formidable and respectable.

The Confessor order's cardinal law is to protect and serve the Seeker at all costs. The kinship between the Confessors and the Seekers is deep and inexorable. If the Seeker honors an alliance, it is to the Confessors.

In Legend of the Seeker[]

You are the thread that weaves this struggle together."
"And thread can't get there without the needle. You're my needle.
―Kahlan and Richard[src]

In The Sword of Truth, Richard Rahl, the Seeker, is foreign to the Midlands into which he must venture. Kahlan Amnell, a Confessor at the time, offered to be his guide. The unique relationship that they built up was used to add to book canon for Legend of the Seeker. On the show, each Seeker is personally guided and protected by a Confessor, whose official title was "Confessor to the Seeker," and assisted by the wizard who named him. The assistance and companionship of these two often becomes indispensable to him. Examples of these triparties are Richard Rahl, Kahlan Amnell, and Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander and Kieran, Viviane, and Amfortas. In the latter party, both Kieran and Amfortas believed that there was an especially mysterious and inexorable bond between a Seeker and his Confessor; this was because Amfortas believed that Vivian had confessed Kieran, so when the devotion Kieran felt for her did not disappear upon her death, he did not realize that it was because Kieran was not actually confessed but was in fact truly in love with Vivian.

Known Seekers of Truth[]

  • Merrit (creator of the post and Sword)
  • Samuel (Richard's predecessor)
  • Richard Rahl
    • Richard is the only true Seeker who can turn the blade white. (The original Seeker could do this as well) - Book 12
  • Kahlan Amnell (Wizard's First Rule - Chapter 10. Kahlan was named only for demonstration purposes, and voluntarily resigned her post within minutes.)