Serena was the Mother Confessor before Kahlan Amnell and had served as such for many years.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

It was known that Serena was aquianted with Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander when she was still an acolyte.

Serena was introduced in Sacrifice as the leader of the Confessors. She had used a night wisp to find Kahlan Amnell in hopes of asking her to travel to the magical island of Valeria to hide from Rahl and her and the other remaining confessors.

When it was revealed that Kahlan's sister Dennee was alive and pregnant, she help her conceived. However, the baby was revealed to be a male and as wayir tradition, all male confessors need to be killed at birth due to being prone to corruption. As Richard and Kahlan tried to stop her, she confessed Zedd in order to get her way.

Eveentually, she was killed by Finn, releasing Zedd from Confession.

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