Simona was a Sister of the Light, whose mind was taken over by Emperor Jagang and as a result was presumed deranged by her fellow Sisters. She was released from her cell, by the newly named Prelate Verna Sauventreen.

Biography Edit

After reading something to do with dreams, Warren, decided to go see the deranged Sister Simona. However, he was denied access. He later returned with the Prelate herself, Verna Sauventreen, and they were then allowed past the powerful intricate web that shielded the door to the section of the infirmary that held its most dangerous patients.

Verna and Warren entered through a minor shield over Simona's room and were shocked to see that she was wearing a Rada'Han. This explained why her attempts to break out of her room with her gift had failed.

Simona told Verna that Jagang was coming and that he came in her dreams and tormented her. She told her that they must escape before it was too late. Simona soon became frantic and Verna was forced to knock her out, before she hurt herself.

Later, when Verna escaped from her own confinement cell, accused of being a Sister of the Dark, she entered Sister Simona's room and informed her that she believed her. She removed her Rada'Han and had her swear loyalty to Richard Rahl, to free her from the dream walker. They then together, removed the intricate web that barred there way from the infirmary.

They then rounded up the true Sisters of the Light, had them swear loyalty to Richard Rahl and then joined the D'Haran Army.

Personality and traits Edit

Simona was a small, frail woman with a shock of white hair. She had big, dark eyes. While believed deranged, Simona wore dirty, ragged clothing, as well as a Rada'Han. She was fiercely loyal to the Light and fought the dream walking powers of Jagang to a very high degree.

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