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The Sisters of the Light are many things, but gentle is not one of them.
Verna Sauventreen[src]

The Sisters of the Light were a group of women who were dedicated to serving the Creator and doing His bidding in all things. Each Sister was a sorceress of some skill and had learnt to use their gift for the good of mankind. The calling of the Sisters was to help train young wizards to use their gift, when there was no other alternative.


Once the birth rate of wizards started to fall, making them increasingly rare while many older wizards were hesitant to teach younger wizards because they did not want to share their power, a number of wizards banded together to create the Sisters of the Light to serve the wizard community. Because it takes a long time for a Sorceress to teach a wizard, the Palace of the Prophets was created for them so they had enough time to teach the young wizards.

After the end of the Imperial Order War and because the Palace of the Prophets was destroyed, the Sisters of the Light went to the Wizard's Keep to help train young wizards with the help of the First Wizard Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander.

Life of a Sister[]

The Sisters were led by a Prelate, who had supreme authority over their lives and ran the Palace of the Prophets, where the Sisters resided. The Prelate of the Sisters of the Light had been Annalina Aldurren for almost eight hundred years, though upon faking her death, she handed her title and authority over to Verna Sauventreen.

A Sister of the Light could be sent on journeys for several reasons, though the most important missions involved the bringing of a gifted boy to the Palace, because of the rarity of such an event. The most important journey of all was given to Sister Verna when she was sent to find Richard Rahl and bring him to the Palace. Prelate Annalina, who sent Verna, knew that this would fulfill prophecy and cause Richard to flush out the Sisters of the Dark that infested the Palace, in the guise of Sisters of the Light.

The Sisters of the Dark were the polar opposites, in terms of beliefs, of the Sisters of the Light and though most Sisters originally believed the Sisters of the Dark to be a myth, they were very real eternal enemies.

Sisters of the Light wielded only their natural ability as sorceresses, though this still made them formidable in their own right. In addition to their magic abilities the Sisters employ enchanted knife-like (the TV series portrays them as foldable throwing blades) weapons called dacras.

Known Sisters of the Light[]


Legend of the Seeker[]

The Sisters of Light that appeared in Legend of the Seeker are apparently an altered version of the canonical Sisters. In addition to training wizards, some resided in Thandore, where they protected young children who had special gifts. Late in Season 2, the women in charge of Thandore – and other gifted women from the first season – are retroactively established to be Sisters working with the Sisters at the Palace of Prophets and following orders from the Prelate.