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Six was a witch woman from the Old World, who appeared in Tamarang and healed the injured Violet who had recently inherited the throne of that land. As an adviser to Queen Violet, Six began to tutor her in a strange magical ability, which she would have the puppet Queen put to use during a series of her fiendish plots. Six eventually usurped the throne of Tamarang, and allied herself with the Imperial Order, losing her life to Shota after having tried to undermine her hold on her domain.


Early Life[]

Though little was known about Six, it was documented that she was originally from the deep south of the Old World and that she had dealings with the Sisters of the Dark. Remarkably, the Sisters actually feared Six, leading many to wondering what kind of terrible power she could possibly had at her disposal.

Shota speculated that Six was named as such as a warning by her mother and was named Six as a way of shaming her for not being the seventh daughter, as this is a position of importance for a witch woman. Shota also speculated that Six's mother was probably killed by Six for the insult of naming her as such.

Imperial Order War[]

At some point following the fall of the Great Barrier, Six made her way to Tamarang. She helped Violet, who had been previously injured by Richard Rahl and hung on the edge of her life. Six healed Violet, even helping to regrow her tongue which had been severed. With Six's teachings, Violet realized that she had the gift for artistry, which had been passed down through the royal bloodline of Tamarang.

Violet assumed the crown of Tamarang with Six as her "adviser". During Violet's reign, Six taught Violet as much as she could about her gift. Having positioned herself accordingly, Six successfully underminded the control of her fellow witch woman, Shota, in her own domain and bewitched Samuel into her service.  She  instructed Samuel to steal one of the Boxes of Orden from Sister Tovi and kidnapped Rachel.

Eventually, Six had Violet draw a spell on Richard that caused him to lose his gift, enabling her to be able to capture Richard.  When she returned to Tamarang with him, she had to give Richard over to Commander Karg, who wanted Richard as the point man on his Ja'La team, after witnessing Richard slaying many of his men while he was trying to escape.  Despite the power she possesses, she knew she would be unable fight the all the Imperial Order soilders and make it out alive if she refused Commander Karg.

Returning to Tamarang empty-handed, she delivered the news to Violet about losing Richard. When Violet became enraged, Six flexed her power and cowed the girl. Six then assumed the position of Queen of Tamarang herself.  During that time, Rachel managed to escape and took back the Box of Orden that was under Six's possession and returned it to the Wizard's Keep .  After Nicci had put the Box of Orden into play and named Richard as the player, Six came to the Keep and took back the Box of Orden and delivered it to Emperor Jagang, where it was revealed that Six also has under her command a red dragon , Gregory, son of Scarlet. She had been using the dragon to undermine and foil the D'haran Legion's campaigns in theOld World .


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Personality and traits[]

Six had long black, straw like hair that curtained an extremely gaunt and pale face. Long black robes clothed her thin form, giving her face the appearance of a floating orb, due to its contrast in color with her hair and robes. Her fingers were claw like and her eyes a washed out pale blue.

Powers and Abilities[]

Six is feared as a witch woman even by the Sisters of Dark themselves. Six as a witch woman can also see the flow and ebb of time allowing her to predict her opponents' next move. Six was also able to use and redirect the force of which a Wizard or Sorceress draws their Han which could kill them. Six also can levitate at will like 'death itself' and can push people away with her mind. Six has the knowledge of using artistry as she was the one who taught Princess Violet everything about Artistry. Six's most terrifying ability is to make people feel unimaginable pain compared to the pain inflicted by the Agiel.