A Slide was a magically altered wizard with the ability to seize a person's soul. They were used in the great war 3000 years before the series took place.

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According to Ann, they were sterile, and thus were doomed to extinction. However, one named Nicholas was created by the Sisters of the Dark to aid Emperor Jagang in his war against the New World, and used his newfound power to absorb the souls and powers of five of the sisters. It was unknown whether the absorption of this power proportionally increased his power (i.e. a ratio of 1:1) or some other fashion, since Nicholas only used his Han once in Naked Empire; all other uses of magic by him involved his ability as a Slide.

Slides have the ability to control a captured person's soul, manipulating it to a degree. They have the ability to project these captured souls into animals and other sentient lifeforms; however, it is unknown if a Slide can project his own soul in such a manner, or needs another soul to 'hitch a ride' on. At first Nicholas had to kill the person whose soul he stole, but later was able to control it without doing so. By this means they could see using animals' eyes and hear with their eyes to spy on people. There is no defense against a Slide's power-they could even take control of a Confessor before being affected with their power. However, when a Slide is projecting his captured souls, he becomes vulnerable; at that moment, his mind is inside the creature he is controlling and his body remaining behind can be slain when it is discovered. Richard Rahl thus had defeated Nicholas by suggesting a means by which he may be attacked, knowing that Nicholas was spying; while waiting to hear the details of the plan, Richard found his body and killed him.

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