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Richard. I'm a sorceress. I've been a Sister of the Light and a Sister of the Dark. I know a thing or two about magic.

A sorceress was a very formidable gifted woman. Though usually less powerful than their male counterparts, wizards, exceptionally powerful sorceresses were capable of surpassing some wizards.


Sorceresses typically had the use of only Additive Magic, but some, the Sisters of the Dark for example, have succeeded in obtaining the use of limited Subtractive powers, by making alliances with the Keeper. The Sisters of the Dark also increased their own power by absorbing the Han of a wizard during their initiation.

Though less than a wizard, a sorceress was capable of accomplishing extraordinary feats. A sorceress used the world and elements around her and changed it with her gift. Sorceresses were said to speak in riddles that even wizards found trying.