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The Spell forms are used rarely in the Sword of Truth universe, used when creating a powerful effect on the world. The Grace is a common spell form, representing the entirety of the world. They are captivating geometric designs drawn in any number of materials.

Spell forms are drawn in a very calculated manner. Darken Rahl used spell forms for dangerous webs to prevent any interference from opening one of the Boxes of Orden, using instructions from the Book of Counted Shadows. It was remarked that one awry stroke could be fatal to the caster/artist.

In Phantom, Zedd stated that the Book of Inversion and Duplex was used to invert a spell-form to find flaws within. The original spell forms would have flaws, but the inversion would be a mirror image without the flaws.


Darken Rahl uses these to create a Shinga to travel the underworld. He also used them in above mentioned spells to ensure more favorable results with Boxes of Orden.

In Temple of the Winds, Sister Amelia uses a book stolen from the Temple to start a plague. The book had an interior with spell forms that emitted sparkling light and infected those who looked at it. One of the victims described it as "pretty colors" that had come from the sand, with lines drawn in it.

In Soul of the Fire, Richard used a Fatal Grace to banish the chimes.

During the Chainfire event, in the book Phantom, Nicci drew a Grace with her own blood, then was used as an interior perspective for the verification web she was casting. However due to the contamination of the chimes on the fabric of magic, it trapped her in a state of partial stasis, the web slowly draining her life. Richard used his gift as a war wizard to rescue her from the corrupted web.

Later in Phantom Princess Violet and Six used magic chalk to separate Richard Rahl from his gift. Rachel, who was being held captive at the time, escaped and altered the web, returning the gift to Richard while also disabling the web so that Six couldn't repair it.

In Confessor, Richard Rahl and Nicci use spell forms and sorcerers sand from the Peoples Palace Garden of Life to travel to the Underworld.

In Debt of Bones, Zedd draws an altered Grace to create the boundaries.

Known Webs[]

  • Verification web - Uses Additive and Subtractive magic to verify that the Chainfire Spell has been activated.
  • Boundary Spell - Using an altered Grace to summon a wall of death.
  • Fatal Grace - Drawn in an inverted order as a regular Grace, Richard used this to summon the spirit of Joseph Ander.
  • Power Spell - The People's Palace is built on the design of one. It gives power to a gifted Rahl and drains power from other wizards.
  • Altered Grace - Drawn with one corner of the square exceeding the outer circle, and missing some rays, this was used by Zedd to create boundaries

Known Materials[]

Sorcerer's Sand is a potent but costly material. Darken Rahl had a large circular "pool" of it in the Garden of Life. Darken Rahl uses this to create his old spells. This said pool was destroyed when Richard used black sorcerer's sand, the antithesis of the commonly used white sand, to foil Darken Rahl's attempt to destroy the veil.. The crypt of Panis Rahl had approximately fifty urns full of white Sorcerer's Sand.

Regular sand is used to practice drawing spell forms.

Blood is used to draw some parts of spell forms. The Grace used in Nicci's verification web had added a biological variable into the spell, endangering Nicci's life. It is also noted that the fresher the blood, the more potent the spell. The most potent blood is blood inside a living being, constantly in a prime state of freshness. The People's Palace is built on a Power Spell formation, using the D'Haran citizens as a living material.

In Debt of Bones, Abby 's mother, a sorceress, uses crushed bone or dried herbs to conjure magic for the people of Coney Crossing, in Pendisan Reach. This was mentioned by Abby

Six and Princess Violet used magic chalk in the sacred caves of Tamarang. Rachel noted that it glowed in the dark.