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Administrators on the Sword of Truth Wiki are experienced and well-known editors within the wiki community. They are friendly and welcoming towards new users but also know when to step in to maintain order. Admins, being the most experienced editors on the wiki, have access to an extra set of tools which help them to keep the wiki running smoothly.

Administrators are not the absolute leaders of the wiki and do not have the final say in all decisions. Policy and content changes are the responsibility of the wiki community as a whole and should be voted on by all. Admins do, however, have the ability to warn users of their malicious edits/vandalism and if the situation requires, admins can block users that would otherwise degrade the quality of the wiki as a whole.



Official Grace2.png This user is an admin on the Sword of Truth wiki.

To put this userbox in your user profile, just type this code into the page in source mode: {{{{User admin}}}}


Administrators on the Sword of Truth Wiki have the ability to:

  • lock/Unlock (Protect or unprotect a page) so that it cannot be edited without administrator rights.
  • delete/Undelete a page, files, histories, etc.
  • block vandals using a username or an IP address.
  • revert bad edits (from vandalism to bad grammar) using the "rollback" button.
  • edit specific pages to modify the interface.
  • upload five files at once instead of only one.

Becoming an admin[]

To become an admin, you will have to meet a series of requirements to show you are dedicated to the wiki and its goals. To request adminship see: Requests for Adminship (RfA)


Administrators should strive to be present in the wiki community as much as possible, having been granted specific user rights to provide help to those who need it. In order to be deemed "active" an administrator on the Sword of Truth wiki should:

  • Continually contribute to canonical editing, through relevant and substantial additions/revisions to pages that require it. This does not include editing in the userspace (i.e. user pages, talk pages, sandboxes, etc.)
  • Make an effort to be on the wiki for most days of the month, ready to aid other users with any problems they may have and to settle any potential disputes.
  • Be able to read and respond to messages on talk pages in a reasonable amount of time. This promotes good communication throughout the wiki and ensures a smooth editing experience for all users.

If an administrator is inactive for a prolonged amount of time (i.e. one month - three months), that user can expect to have his or her administrative abilities promptly removed and reserved for other users more capable of serving the community.