Some pages on the Sword of Truth Wiki may be protected to prevent continued vandalism or the input of incorrect/false information, and to uphold the overall quality of the wiki. The levels of protection may vary, depending on the severity and magnitude of the vandalism. The levels of protection are as follows:

  • Fully protected (temporary)
  • Fully protected (permanent)
  • Semi-protected
  • Move protected

Fully protected Edit

Fully protected articles can only be edited by wiki administrators, and not by auto-confirmed users or anonymous contributors. A page may be temporarily protected to stop:

  • Vandalism
  • Edit wars.

These protections will expire after a set amount of time (the length of the protection will be at the discretion of the protecting admin. It should be only long enough to ensure that any edit wars have stopped and that any vandals have been disciplined).

Permanent protections are to only be used on pages that are critical in wiki upkeep, such as key template pages that apply to many articles, to wiki logos, and to the wiki's main page.

Semi-protected Edit

Semi-protected articles can only be edited by auto-confirmed users, or in other words, registered users. That means anonymous contributors will not be able to edit any semi-protected pages. For semi-protected pages, the duration of the lock should be temporary and only in the rarest cases, infinite. Pages should be semi-protected for the following reasons:

  • Non-nconstructive edits in relatively large amounts made in a short amount of time.

Move Protected Edit

Administrators are the only users able to rename articles that have been move protected. This method of protection should always be temporary and never infinite. Pages can be move protected for the following reasons:

  • The page is in high use, or receives large amounts of user traffic, which could lead to frequent page moves.
  • The page is a major article on the wiki (i.e. main characters, main events, etc.) and move protecting it will keep it from potential harm in the future.