Richard loves Kahlan. That says it all - it says everything.

It all started in 1994, when Tor Books picked up and published the book, Wizard's First Rule, which would become the first of many books in the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind. The book established Goodkind as one of the world's bestselling fantasy genre authors. Each subsequent book in the series has sold better than the one before and some twenty million copies of the books have now been sold.

The series features a young man, Richard Cypher, being thrust into a world that he knows nothing about, but he had to save. With the help of Kahlan Amnell and other friends and family, he saves the Midlands from the rule of Darken Rahl, a terrible man bent on ruling over everything.

Richard grew up in Westland, a part of the world where the influence of magic did not exist. There he grew up with the instruction of Zedd, an older man that Richard came to call one of his best friends. Little did Richard know that Zedd was actually his grandfather. When Richard came to the Midlands, he started learning things about magic and wanted little to do with it, but when Kahlan Amnell came looking for an old wizard that turned out to be Zedd, Richard was named the Seeker of Truth.

The series is mainly about the struggle for freedom. First against Darken Rahl, and then against the Imperial Order and the Emperor Jagang.

The Sword of Truth book series was made into a TV series called Legend of the Seeker [1], which aired in broadcast syndication November 1, 2008.  It ended in 2010 with two seasons of forty-four episodes in total.  The show tells the story of Richard's defeat of Darken Rahl and defeating the "Keeper" (mainly covers the general plot of the Darken Rahl duology.) There is a campaign to fund a continuation of the series, but no word on production starting.

Books Edit

All of Terry Goodkind's books take place in the same universe. Eleven of the books constitute the Wizard's Rules books, or rather, the Sword of Truth series itself. The series has two prequels to it, a sequel, and a sequel series. The stand-alone sequel takes place far in the future, whereas the sequel series picks up where Confessor leaves off.

Wizard's Rules books Edit

Darken Rahl duology Edit

1. Wizard's First Rule
2. Stone of Tears

Imperial Order saga Edit

3. Blood of the Fold
4. Temple of the Winds
5. Soul of the Fire
6. Faith of the Fallen

Pristinely ungifted duology Edit

7. Pillars of Creation
8. Naked Empire

The Chainfire trilogy Edit

9. Chainfire
10. Phantom
11. Confessor

Prequel Edit

0. Debt of Bones
1. The First Confessor: The Legend of Magda Searus

Sequels Edit

+12. The Law of Nines

The Richard and Kahlan series Edit

12. The Omen Machine
13. The Third Kingdom
14. Severed Souls
15. Warheart

The Nicci Chronicles Edit

16. Death's Mistress
17. Shroud of Eternity
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