Tahirah was a Sister of the Dark and was the Sister that co-ordinated the pristinely ungifted attack on the Wizard's Keep. She captured Zedd and Adie, then transported them to the Imperial Order camp. Tahirah often looked over the two as they named the uses for the large amount of devices brought down from the Keep. She was killed by a stray wagon wheel blown towards her, after Zedd set off a sunset spell in the camp.

Biography Edit

Being a Sister of the Dark, Tahirah had many powers that she had gained through nefarious means and that were not natural to her. Under the guidance of Emperor Jagang, the Sisters of the Dark were able to reawaken dark arts, used to alter a person and create weapons of them.

Tahirah was one of several Sister's who participated in the creation of Nicholas the Slide. They invested within him, using both Additive and Subtractive Magic, abilities far beyond the ordinary being. When the altering of Nicholas was completed he lashed out with his new found powers and stripped several of the Sisters of the Dark of their lives and Han. However, Tahirah escaped.

Later, Sister Tahirah co-ordinated the pristinely ungifted assault on the Wizard's Keep. She had Adie placed in a wagon outside of the Wizard's Keep, after she was captured by the men who had infiltrated the Keep and then as Zedd awoke from unconsciousness explained to him about how she used Subtractive Magic to enhance the power of the Rada'Han on his neck, preventing him from removing it. As they travelled back to the Imperial Order camp, Zedd and Adie were placed in cramped boxes until they arrived.

Tahirah was present as Jagang, Zedd and Adie argued their opposing ideologies and when Zedd and Adie were forced to reveal the use of the artifacts retrieved from the Keep, Tahirah was often assigned to watch over them. When Zedd and Adie were hesitant in answering, she was not adversed to using the Rada'Han to give them pain. Under her watch Zedd set a sunset spell.

Several people appeared all at once to rescue the captured wizard and sorceress. As the Mord-Sith Rikka entered the tent that the Sister occupied with the captured duo, she quickly punched Tahirah in the face and captured her magic as she tried to retaliate. Other rescue parties also appeared and Tahirah was made to remove the Rada'Han from Adie's neck. The allies quickly left the tent under the guise of being Imperial Order soldiers with their prisoners, when the sunset spell was ignited. A stray wagon wheel was sent flying towards the small group and Tahirah was ripped in half, while her captors were unharmed.

Personality and traits Edit

Tahirah was a hump nosed, middle aged woman. Her hair was a wiry gray color. She wore a bland, gray wool dress, like most of the middle aged or older Sisters in Emperor Jagang's camp. She also had a golden ring looped through her lower lip, a symbol of her captivity by Jagang. Tahirah was rather short tempered.

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