Temple of the Winds chapter fifty-three summary and miscellaneous information.

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Verna and Warren snuck into Jagang's camp, to save Sister Janet. Verna explains how the Rahl magic will free her mind from Jagang's control. Janet says the oath, and is freed from Jagang's control. Janet asks to free the others. Verna says she cannot right now. Janet says she saved Amelia and that Amelia has come back to the Creator and is no longer a Sister of the Dark. Janet then explains that she is often used as whores in the tents. Janet demands to stay, but will ask for Verna to return in five days so she can help Amelia get out as well. It will be dangerous because now Jagang will know she is not under his control since he cannot enter her mind. But she will attempt hide this fact as long as she can. They are to meet at the watch house after the rise of the moon five nights from now. Verna and Warren leave.