The Bird Man, named for his ability to call and communicate with birds, was one of the leaders of the Mud People.

Biography Edit

Leader of the Mud People Edit

The Bird Man was the real leader of the Mud People, while the village elders were just for show. He was also the spiritual leader of the village, as he was in charge during the gatherings.

When Richard and Kahlan met him their first time in the Mud People village, he recoginzed their good intentions. He explained to them, how they could become Mud People and agreed to help them in their case to persuade the six elders.

Personality and traits Edit

The Bird Man had soft brown eyes and long silver-gray hair, and he wore a buckskin tunic and a bone whistle which hung on a leather thong around his neck. Neither old nor young and still handsome, he was about as tall as Kahlan. The skin of his weathered leathery face was as tough-looking as the deerskin clothes he wore. The Bird Man was used to people being afraid when they looked at him, even if it was not warranted.

The Bird Man had the ability to call specific types of birds to him and direct them using the bone carved whistle that hung around his neck. The sound of the whistle was not audible to human ears. After Richard returned to the village after rescuing Siddin, he took the Bird Man on a short flight on Scarlet so that he could experience flying like a bird.

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