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The Creator is a figure in the series that is said to be responsible for all of existence, the grand Creation.

The Sword of Truth[]

A God-like figure, the Creator's name is invoked many times throughout the series, by all kinds of people. The Sisters of the Light claim to be doing the Creator's work by taking in young wizards and training them to use the gift, while Jagang and the Imperial Order claim to be warring and eliminating all people of magic in the name of the Creator.

Unlike the Keeper, the Creator does not actively interfere with any events in the world of the living, causing some to think it doesn't even exist. Frequently, the Creator is 'thanked' for a success, while another character points out that the Creator had nothing to do with it. Nicci also challenges the Creator to intervene and ask if she could be called "Sister" to come down and say so, which it never does.

Legend of the Seeker[]

In the TV series, the Creator is consistently referred to with feminine pronouns, as opposed to the gender-neutral or male terms used to describe the Creator in the books. In the series, the Creator is said to have once been the lover of the Keeper. Their children were the earliest generation of humans, born out of their own image. But the Keeper was jealous of their children and tried to destroy them. The Creator wept at the sight of Her lover killing their chidren, and her tears became the Stone of Tears, which She used to seal the Keeper in the Underworld, giving him dominion over only the dead. The Creator in the series continuity takes more of an interest in the affairs of the living than Her literary counterpart, though She still remains a hands-off, behind the scenes force, apart from prophecies and the incident detailed below.

In the second season episode "Creator", Keisha Castle-Hughes plays Maia, a very powerful girl who claims to be the Creator, born into a mortal's body. Later in the episode, after Cara returns with Maia's husband, Jason, he tells everyone that Maia was just an ordinary girl a few months prior to that day. According to Maia, her divine strength could not manifest until her body was mature enough to contain it, which the Sisters of the Light helped her with by giving her all of their Han. With this, Kahlan concluded that she was not the Creator since the Sisters created her, and that the Sisters convinced her that she was the Creator so that she can execute Richard when the Sisters have failed to do so. When Maia vanishes without a trace at the end of the episode, Kahlan recalls that Maia knew the details of Kahlan's childhood prayers to the Creator, leading the Mother Confessor to suspect that Maia may well have been who she claimed.

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