He hates that you live, your life is the crime.
―Screeling song, on the Keeper[src]

The Keeper is the lord of the underworld and is universally believed in. The Keeper is the polar opposite of the Creator and his hatred of life is endless. The Keeper wishes to swallow all life and hates it simply because it lives.

Sword of Truth Edit

The veil is said to have been placed on the underworld by the hand of the Creator, to lock the Keeper in his domain of the dead and thwart his attempts to destroy all life. There are many other measures keeping the Keeper locked in his prison of the dead. The Keeper hates magic, because it is through this that the veil remains intact.

Time has no meaning to the Keeper and he slowly uses his influence in the world of life to convert people to his cause; to swallow all life. Promising these agents or banelings immortality and other seductive promises if they work to free him, the Keeper gains many minions.

Such minions of the Keeper pledge their soul to him through an oath, given in total darkness. The Keeper wishes to convert gifted to his cause more than any other form of person as they have more power to help tear the veil. Gifted who are sworn to him are granted greater power, including the limited use of Subtractive Magic.

Legend of the Seeker Edit

The televised version of the Keeper is similar in behavior and motivations to his literary counterpart. Like the Keeper in the novels, this Keeper recruits the Sisters of the Dark and creates banelings. In the series, the Keeper is usually shown working through Darken Rahl, who recruits banelings and gives the Sisters their instructions on behalf of his master. Although the origin of the Keeper differ from the books in this version, the Keeper is said to be the Creator's lover at the beginning of the world, but grew jealous because of her love for life and creation. So he betrayed her by creating death and sickness. In her grief the Creator formed the Stone Of Tears and sealed the Keeper away in his realm of death: the Underworld. The Keeper of the Underworld now plots from his prison to destroy all creation.

The Keeper's physical form, if he has one, has never been seen. He is voiced by William Morgan Sheppard in "Creator", "Extinction", and "Unbroken".

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